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ADHD and Entrenpreneurship expertise from real life experience.

ADHD Entrepreneurs

Are you a diagnosed ADHD Entrepreneur?

You feel you are the only one struggling?

The struggles are unique to you and no one else?

Are your symptoms sabotaguing your growth?

André will discuss how his ADHD symptoms undermined succes and how they are now his strengths.  You will be provided with simple strategies to start your journey to clarity.

ADHD Professionals

Are you a professional diagnosed with ADHD?

Are you struggling to keep up?

Working extra hours to stay ahead?

Are you a workaholic who can’t stop?

Is it easier for others to achieve success in less time?

André will explain how high achieveing, intellectual professionals get controlled by their ADHD and how your symptoms can sabotage your success and time. You will be provided with simple solutions to get some control back in your day and achieve the success your deserve.

Entrepreneurs Hitting a Wall

Are you an entrepreneur who is working harder and linger and not making more profit? 

Are you hitting a wall you can’t navigate?

Are you tired?

Is your family and friends tired of you not being around or engaged?

André will explain how the wall you are hitting is not unique to you; he has hit many walls. You will discover how changing your mindset can help you breakthrough your wall and be provided a few simple questions and solutions to start breaking through.


What are the dates of your workshops?

Please contact me for upcoming dates.

Are your workshops online?

Yes.  At this time, all workshops are help online.

How long are the workshops?

Each workshop is 2 hours in length.

How much do workshops cost?

Please contact me for costs and payment methods.

How many people attend a workshop?

Workshop sizes are kept to a maximum of 10 participants.

“I could always count on you for a sobering account of the reality of what I was experiencing at the time.”

Dave Genik

Account Manager, Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing Ltd

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