Simplifying You, Your Team and Your Company

Gaining freedom by discovering your strengths and unique abilities to maximize your success.

An entrepreneur diagnosed as an adult with ADHD, André Brisson has drawn from his experience overcoming obstacles in life to create a unique process of simplifying what seems impossible and creating intellectual shortcuts. These processes were unknowingly developed to overcome his ADHD symptoms prior to his diagnosis. They were key for the success he has had in life and his start-up engineering businesses.

I observe the World in a unique way by seeing holes others don’t see and simplify complexity.  I am able to communicate what I see to challenge what you see and think is right, wrong, good, bad, silly, adequate, or down right different.”


Through personal, team and business development, André uses unique processes to guide you to a better place.

Breakthrough Consultation

Find your natural insticts to solve problems through proven assessments used by André with great success. Develop your unique tactical strategies. 

Business Simplification

Helping Engineering and ADHD Entreprenuers and Entreprenurial Companies create systems for growth and success.

Kids Strengths Discovery

Freeing children by removing obstacles of success through identification of their unique strengths and natural instincts.

Do you want to know your kids’ abilities?

Speaking Engagements and Interviews

Sharing stories of my experiences, successes and failures to benefit other entrepreneurs and adults living and working with ADHD. 

“Since we embraced the use of the Kolbe methodology as a part of our hiring process we have seen a 100% improvement in matching the right candidate to the right position. It has saved us a lot of time, energy and money on training, onboarding etc as we have been able to select candidates better matched to the requirements of the position. The method has also allowed us to understand and work better as a team now that we understand each other’s methods of working. Great return on this investment.”

Eva DeGasperis

Owner, IndustriOS Software Inc.

The Process



Factual Reality Check

Indentifying your complexity

Identifying Strengths

Revealing your abilities & strengths

Tactical Breakthroughs

Simplify you and develop your Playbook

What You Get

Clarity of your challenges, dangers, opportunities & strengths.

Your Tactical Breakthroughs Playbook.

Identify. Simplify. Breakthrough.

Do you want to reach your full potential?

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